Optimal sheath fluid for cell sorting

Steve G. Hilliard steve at habanero.cb.uga.edu
Fri Aug 7 08:11:03 EST 1998


This was one of our concerns, but our calculations indicated that
each drop would contain a fraction of a microliter (1/20th?), so 
if you're doing single cell sorts for cloning the volume of PBS you're
adding to your media should be insignificant.  If you're sorting higher
numbers then it might add up, but with a cushion of 100-200ul of media
you're still talking a 1:100 ratio.  

You could sort into media w/ higher than normal serum content if you're
really concerned, but I would not expect problems.  The main problem is
that cells don't grow well when they're lonely! ;-(

Good luck,

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On Thu, 6 Aug 1998 Simon_Q_Rice at sbphrd.com wrote:

> Dear Flowers,
> A question for the cell sorters amongst you.....
> I am sorting cultured cells into 96-well plates (wells containing
> appropriate culture medium) and am currently using PBS as a sheath fluid.
> Experience tells me that cultured cells aren't too keen on PBS for long
> periods of time and I wondered if this could have a deleterious effect on
> the cells.  Therefore, what alternative sheath fluid, if any, would you
> recommend?
> Apologies if this is a naive question.
> Thank you in anticipation
> Simon
> -- End --

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