rhesus and baboon-reactive antibodies

Echeagaray, Patricia L. echeagaray at sri.org
Fri Aug 7 10:18:37 EST 1998

As far as I know, Biosource makes the only CD3 usable with these
primates; it is an anti-monkey as anti-human does not react. Human works
fine for anti- CD4 AND CD8 I use either Coulter / Immunotech or B-D
(lately I use B-D) for CD4(PE), and BD for CD8 (PerCP).


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>Subject: 	rhesus and baboon-reactive antibodies
>     Can anyone tell me what are suitable mAb for flow cytometry on rhesus 
>     and baboon lymphocytes, specifically:  CD3, CD8, and interferon-gamma 
>     (intracellular)?  Are there websites that list cross-reactive 
>     antibodies?  Thanks.
>     Gib Otten
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