FACScan versus FACSCalibur

Moore, Julie uzm5 at cdc.gov
Thu Aug 6 13:12:59 EST 1998

Dear mailing list participants:

I have a question that will require a little bit of background info, so
please bear with me.

We are malaria immunology researchers and do much of our work at our
field station in western Kenya.  Although we have most of the equipment
(albeit dated and labor-intensive) to perform most immunology assays,
our set-up is crude; thus, we frequently are faced with power outages
and wage a constant war against dust and dirt.  We are planning to add
flow cytometry capabilities to our laboratory, and are faced with the
choice between a FACScan (complete with year 2000 compliant Mac and
software) and a FACSCalibur; a sorter will be included with either
package.  Having had no experience at all with the FACSCalibur, we are
excited at the prospect of having four color analysis capabilities, but
may be overlooking difficulties with operation and maintenance of this
machine that would not be an issue with the FACScan.  We would greatly
appreciate any and all comments related to both of these machines, and
would especially welcome any comments from those individuals with
field-based experiences.

Thank you in advance.

Julie Moore, Ph.D.
Division of Parasitic Diseases
National Center for Infectious Diseases
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Chamblee, GA  30341
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