Mounting of Hamamatsu R3896 PMT

David Dombkowski at
Thu Aug 6 13:05:27 EST 1998

 I am interested in mounting a Hamamatsu R3896 PMT in a coulter Epics PMT
mount. Having opened up one of their mounts I have found that they have
soldered all pins on PMT to a Pre-amp board. I do not have the experience
to unsolder and mount new PMT. Please let me know of an easier way to mount
this PMT. I would like to use on a modified Coulter Epics 751. Do I need to
buy a mount for this PMT or can I somehow modify typical PMT mount to
accept this Hamamatsu PMT. I would like to use this PMT for it's
sensitivity in the 785nm range (i.e. PE-CY7 or APC-CY7). Thanks.

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