intracellular antigen staining (not cytokines!)

Barbara Butcher bab26 at
Thu Aug 6 09:57:02 EST 1998


i'm looking at nematode proteins that end up in epithelial cells when the
worm "nuzzles" them.  i can see these proteins very well by
confocal/epifluorescence microscopy when i stain fixed, permeabilized
monolayers.  but, when i trypsinize or edta-treat the cells to get a single
cell suspension, and try to stain in the same way (fix with 2%
formaldehyde, permeabilize with 0.075% saponin/PBS), i don't get any
signal.  can someone suggest something?  do some cells just not like being
stained in suspension?

thanks in advance.


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