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At 09:54 8/5/98 -0400, tac at isolab.com" Tom wrote:

>I am reviewing a paper which uses the term "FACS" to describe 
>general flow cytometry protocols.  It is my impression that "FACS" is a 
>copyrighted term, describing the sorting of cells, but much like "Xeroxed", 
>etc., has become a generic term for flow cytometry protocols.  Am I right? 
> Should this person be allowed to use this term, or should it be changed? 

Unfortunately, I think we are fighting dogma again.  I see that at least
for J_Immuno, the abbreviation "FACS" comes *without* the BD tradmark sign
or acknoledgement thereof.  

Whether BD likes it or not, I think "FACS" has become jargon for flow
cytometry whether it be analysis or sorting.  As a result, I've seen the
abbreviation "FACS" used in M&M sections regardless of what type of machine
has been used.  

Is this another tidbit for the "Data Presentation Standards Committee"??
(We still need examples of bad data... ;-))


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