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     You're right.  "FACS" is a registered trademark of Becton Dickinson, 
     and is the acronym described earlier in the thread by Bob Lief.  The 
     circle R mark should be associated with the term FACS.
     Tony Ward

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Subject: Re: "FACS"
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Date:    8/5/98 9:54 AM

>I am reviewing a paper which uses the term "FACS" to describe 
>general flow cytometry protocols.  It is my impression that "FACS" is a 
>copyrighted term, describing the sorting of cells, but much like "Xeroxed", 
>etc., has become a generic term for flow cytometry protocols.  Am I right? 
> Should this person be allowed to use this term, or should it be changed? 
You are right.  FACS is Becton-Dickinson's brand name, and a reference to 
something like "FACS analysis" in a manuscript should be changed to "flow 
cytometry", even if a B-D machine was used.
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