E.coli and GFP on Partec

Johanna Vanadrichem Johanna.Vanadrichem at epfl.ch
Wed Aug 5 02:31:35 EST 1998

Hello flowers,

Now we finally have our own flowcytometer, I want to do some experiments
with E.coli. The first runs I did were with a normal E.coli versus an
E.coli producing GFP. Wenn I measure both seperately I get good signals
on the fsc and the ssc, as well as  for the GFP signal. However if I
mix both populations I don't get two peaks, but a decrease of the GFP
signal. Furthermore if I measure a non GFP culture after a GFP culture I
still find GFP producing cells. Washing with triton X100 and subsequent
flushing with water helps a bit but not effective enough.
Hope someone can give me some advise how to solve these probléems. Thanks, Johanna

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