Write direct to CD-R

Glenn Paradis gap at MIT.EDU
Tue Aug 4 14:03:14 EST 1998


I jumped on the CD-R band wagon about a year ago and have been very happy
with this data storage medium.  The recommendation for me at the time  was
to use a program called Adaptec Toast.  This program came with the CD-R
writer that I bought (the brand name of my drive is Smart and Friendly and
it cost about $350.00 US).  It has worked flawlessly since I bought it.  I
just drag the files to back up into a window in the Adaptec Toast program
and say write CD and it does everything else by itself.

My CD writer is connected to an 8600 PPC.  The data must first be copied
onto the hard drive since the CD writer needs data at a constant rate and
for me only the hard drive is fast enough.

Hope this helps and good luck.

Glenn Paradis
MIT Flow Cytometry Core Facility
gap at mit.edu

>Dear Flowing friends,
>Some time ago (when the discusion about storage media was at it's peak)
>some respondants indicated that they routinely wrote their flow data
>direct to CD-R. Can anyone tell me what software I can use to do this -
>I have a FACSCalibur with PowerPC and the idea is becoming more
>appealing ... as I struggle to keep up with the volumes of data we are
>generating (and CD blanks only cost AUS$3 each !!)
>Peter Chapple
>Melbourne AUSTRALIA

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