MOD worries: an update on this issue

Andreas.Christaras christar at
Mon Aug 3 17:47:50 EST 1998

Dear Flow-ers,

first of all let me thank cordially all of you for your help and
assistance. I have recieved a lot of absolutely valuable and helpful
information, so I just can state ... 

this mailing list belongs to great series of human achievements 
(great thanx goes to Paul, Steve, and all other involved in this list's

Unfortunately my problem I have discribed in my last posting was not
solved. This outcome is certainly not due to the lack of coffee, good tips,
or even good will but obviously is attributable to hardware insufficiency.
I have re-installed the complete HP-Pascal 3.22 operating system of our
HP9000/340 and furthermore re-installed Master Page software and consort

This procedure helped to stabilize the system a lot. The "bogus error -27"
did not occur any more; additionally, any MOD could be accessed by the OS
and from the file utilities of B-Ds Master Page software. But any attempt
to copy more than 5 files resulted in a message saying "file(s) could not
be  copied". The affected OPD was then re-initialized by MEDIAINIT and by
option 1 of C32 utilities. This solved the problem only temporarily. A
couple of files could be copied onto the MOD without any problems at all,
while subsequent file copies again were unable to be processed.

Running a HFS-check on the affected MOD revealed, that the newly
initialized file system was corrupted by the first couple of files copied
onto the MOD. Though all copied files were still accessible and could be
read error-free, no additional files could be copied. HFSCK again showed
numerous errors in the file system (partially allocated I-node, zero length
directory, unreferenced file etc.).

Using a factory-shipped MOD not used before, initializing it, and then
copying files onto it gave the same results, so that I came to the
conclusion, that the error killing my free time can obviously be found in
the initializing procedure and relates to a hardware malfunction.

We have contacted B-D Germany and hope for a fast replacement of the MOD

Once again, thank all of you very much for the help offered.

Greetings goes to every Flow-er around the world

Andreas Christaras
Heinrich-Heine University Children's Hospital Duesseldorf
Lab. of Experimental Hematology (KMT-Labor)
Bldg. 14.82 (Gebaeude 14.82) - Moorenstrasse 5
4 0 2 2 5    D U E S S E L D O R F    -   G E R M A N Y
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