GFP in combination with Variants

Lucy Brown lbrown at smtplink.Coh.ORG
Mon Aug 3 14:44:12 EST 1998

     Thanks to everyone who responded to my question.  I have a couple of 
     additional questions.
     1.  For BFP using a UV laser:  Maris from Dana-Farber using 25mW of UV 
     power.  I am wondering what filter you are using to collect the 
     signal?  Of the flowers who use a UV laser to excite BFP,  most are 
     using a lower power.
     2.  Ann Atzberger:  There is so much spectral crossover between GFP 
     and YFP, I am wondering about the level of compensation you need to 
     use to separate the 2 signals effectively.
     Thanks again
     Lucy Brown
     Beckman Research Institute/City of Hope
     Duarte, CA
     626-359-8111 X3306
     lbrown at

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