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Mon Aug 3 09:22:48 EST 1998

Dear Jacqueline,

	In our facility this carryover problem only occurs if users
select the Standby button when samples are on the Sample Injection
Port (SIP). We *strongly* urge users to have dH2O on the instrument
when in Standby - then Run - then change samples only when in Run. This
prevents any mixing than can occur if you change samples in Standby.
Obviously, I am assuming your instrument is functioning properly.

	So far, we have identified all carrover instances to this



On Fri, 31 Jul 1998, Jacqueline Saleh wrote:

> Dear Flowers:
> While running GFP samples on our FACSCalibur we are noticing carryover
> of GFP signal especially if it is a very bright signal. Has anyone
> experienced this problem? Why are we getting sample carryover, and what is
> the best way to
> fix this problem. Also, is 1% paraformaldeyde best to fix this samples in
> and is
> there loss of signal after fixation. Thanks in advance for all your help.
> Jackie Saleh
> Ariad Pharmaceuticals

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