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Ray Hicks rh208 at cus.cam.ac.uk
Fri Apr 17 10:41:24 EST 1998

To Vadim and others interested in editing the text values in FCS files,
I've added the capability to FCS Assistant/FCSPress.  You can take a copy
from my web site (http://facsmac.med.cam.ac.uk/FCSA55C-sea.hqx).

To edit the files, open them in FCS Assistant, and select the appropriate
item from the menu attached to the "Modify Text.." item of the "Modify"
menu.  A dialog will appear containing the current text.  Change it to what
you will (the maximum is 58 characters - for no good reason), the dialog
won't accept a blank response (since empty values aren't allowed in the FCS
format), if you decide not to change an empty value, click cancel to
dismiss the box. Choose "save as..." from the file menu when you're
finished modifying the file, I recommend renaming the new file so that you
don't lose the original.

  I haven't added a filter to prevent you from entering the delimiter (eg
"/" for BD files, "!" and "|" and "@" in others), for two reasons:

1) this way you can add your own keywords as well as values

2) I forgot to and I'm using 1 as an excuse.

As usual, if you have trouble downloading the program ,let me know and I'll
send it as an e-mail attachment, or you should be able to get it from David
Chambers' web site soon.


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