Alexa dyes

Mark Gauci mgauci at
Wed Apr 8 01:43:42 EST 1998

G'day Everyone,
    We have been attempting to conjugate anti-Cryptosporidium
monoclonal antibodies with Alexa 488 (green) dye using the conjugation
kit supplied to us by Molecular probes.  We envisage using these
conjugates for a flow cytometric application in environmental
monitoring.  However, in our experience, the conjugates we have made,
even taking into account the troubleshooting advice offered, are far
less intense than our standard FITC conjugates.  We would like to get
hold of a greater amount of dye separate from the kit in order to
develop our own conjugation method.  Our initial attempts at modifying
the conjugation method specifically for our antibody resulted in minor
improvements over the standard kit, but still poorer than our FITC
conjugates. We can get a small amount of unconjugated dye in the kit,
but this is extremely expensive, and it appears that we cannot get the
dye without the entire kit, and so are limited in our ability to vary
conjugation conditions.
    Does anyone know where one can obtain unconjugated Alexa 488? or
it's equivalent?



Mark Gauci
Research Engineer
Australian Environmental Flow Cytometry Group
Macquarie University

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