Mouse Monocyte Purification

Dennis Broud 301-827-5246 FAX 301-594-6289 BROUDD at
Tue Sep 30 12:08:29 EST 1997

You might try a product called Lympholyte-M by Cedarlane Laboratoy of Hornby, 
Canada. Phone number (416)878-8891.    
 It's available from Accurate Chemical and Scientific Corp in the US
at phone# 1-800-645-6264. 
I'm not sure who has European distribution for it.

It is Nycograde Polysucrose 400 and Sodium Diatrizoate at a density of 1.0875 
plus or minus 0.0010 at 25 degrees centigrade.  Ph is 6.9
NYCOGRADE is a registered trade mark of Nycomed Pharma AS of Oslo, Norwary.

You need a different density of separation media for mouse cells than you do 
for human cells as the mouse cells are somewhat smaller in size and denser.  
Lympholyte-M is designed for mouse lymphocytes, I don't know exactly how many 
monocytes you'll get with it, but it will be better than standard 
Ficoll-Hypaque, I'm sure.  Give Accurate's technical service people a call 
maybe they can tell you what you can expect to get.  

Cedarlane also makes a Lympholyte-rat with a differnt density for separating 
rat lymphocytes cells as well.

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