Temperature control unit for FCM?

Michael_Ormerod@compuserve.com Michael_Ormerod at compuserve.com
Fri Sep 19 10:51:35 EST 1997

I bought a small water pump costing about UKL25. It is 
atached to the cooloing pipes on the Elite. 

If we want to cool the sample, the pump is placed in a 
styrofoam contaijer full of ice. I place a thermomnemter in 
the sample tube and add salt to the melting ice until the 
sample is being cooled to the correct temperature.

If we want to warm the sample, the pump is placed in a 
a heated water bath from the lab. and again the temperature 
adjusted until the sample is at the desired temperature 
(usually 37C).

Michael Ormerod
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On Thu, 18 Sep 1997 14:46:20 -0400 Gilbert McCrary 
<gmccrary at pasteur.hjf.org> wrote:
> Flow-People,
> Our laboratory is in need of a temperature control unit that can be attached to
> our Elite ESP and keep samples at a constant temperature (either warmer or
> cooler than room temp.).  Coulter supplies such a device--at a cost of $6000; if
> anyone out there has experience (+ or -) using this item, we would like to hear
> from you before taking the plunge.  We would also appreciate information on any
> other temperature control devices that are available.  Our primary requirements
> are that the unit not take up too much room, be able to both warm and chill
> samples, and provide up to several hours' worth of temperature control at a
> stretch (i.e. enable long sorts of viable specimens).
> TIA,
> Gilbert McCrary
> Walter Reed Army Institute of Research
> 1600 E. Gude Drive
> Rockville, MD 20850
> (301) 294-1887, ext. 1013

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