FACS 440 assistance: update.

Raymond B. Hester rhester at jaguar1.usouthal.edu
Fri Sep 12 15:16:20 EST 1997

Dear group,

Our FACS 440 will not display dots or accumulating histograms on the data 
display screen although pulses appear on the console pulse display (the 
alpha numerics do appear, however, on the console data display).

We started swapping cards and boards from a used 440 we bought for this 
purpose and replacement of the DMG board in the ND624 restored the dots - 
for a time.  The problem surfaced again the following day!

One other piece of information - our software runs on a VAX and on the 
VAX monitor one can see the dots.  We could perhaps operate in this 
fashion except for the fact that it makes alignment almost impossible, 
it's difficult to see the dots representing polystyrene beads on this 
screen, and they don't seem to respond as quickly (no matter how you set 
it up timewise) to adjustments in the stream or fluorescence pickup lens 
as did the dots on the FACS console data display.

Does this give anyone a clue as to what has gone wrong?

Thanks again for any help.


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