Laser Survey

Leonie Gaudry l.gaudry at unsw.EDU.AU
Tue Sep 9 19:53:02 EST 1997

I would like to run a survey involving LASERS;in particular anyone who has a
100mW air-cooled 488nm Argon-ion. A reply consisting of hours of use,power
level run at [milliWatts and Amperes], any problems experienced-good and bad
{non loaded comments please}.If possible laser brand,in case there is more
than one type of air-cooled 488 laser.

If anyone has an Enterprise 621 or 622 Laser air-water cooled Laser I would
also like to know what people have experience with this one.

I will publish results on the e-mail if people are interested.

The reason I am conducting this survey is because I have blown 14 of my
Lasers in the last 5 years all at around 1,000 or less hours.My Service
Engineer is exceptional but even his amazing patients is being sorely
tested.He is the one suggesting we change to an enterprise but before we do
I would like to know it's track record,the company blurb looks very
attractive 5 & half thousand hours looks like heaven to me.
Thank you Leonie. 

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