background fluorescence

Jorge Neumann neumann at
Fri Oct 31 15:34:30 EST 1997

	Dear all,

		We are testing some monoclonals developed in an affiliated
lab against myelogenous leukemia. We are trying to see if they are
specific against a particular sub-classification of AML (FAB M0 to M7),
labeling the cells with the monoclonal followed by the appropriate
conjugate plus a set of commercial monoclonals (CD7, CD13, CD14, CD19 and
CD34). Our problem is the high background fluorescence the cells are
presenting on incubation with the isotype controls, which are making the
interpretation of the results quite difficult. Is there any other
suggestion besides pre-incubating the cells with media plus FCS?. Any tips
are welcome. Thanks in advance.

Jorge Neumann
Lab Transplantation Immunology
Santa Casa Hospital
Porto Alegre, Brasil

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