Lost cells

Ray Hicks rh208 at cus.cam.ac.uk
Fri Oct 24 10:05:28 EST 1997

Too true Alice,

Many's the time I've traipsed back to the the punters lab to find discarded
supernatant swimming with cells when they've been piqued at the "poor
recovery" by the sorter.  Most people seem to check what they put into a
centrifuge, but seldom what they get out, and they always seem to use the
most gentle spin cycle  to protect their cells (from hitting the bottom of
the tube).


 At 4:28 pm -0400 23/10/97, Alice L. Givan wrote:
>Aside from the problems mentioned about the ways that a cytometer can slurp up
>cells,  there is always the possibility (probability?) that the user has
>counted cells with a hemocytometer   *BEFORE* staining and washing and
>resuspending. It's amazing how many cells get lossed during the staining
>procedure,  especially when you start out with low numbers.  Before you blame
>the cytometer,  try counting the cells again after staining. (This also helps
>in assigning blame for low cell recovery after sorting!)
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