Enhanced Annexin V

LAADAMS@am.pnu.com LAADAMS at am.pnu.com
Thu Oct 2 09:01:13 EST 1997

Hello everyone!

I just received a flyer in the mail from Clontech advertising their 
ApoAlert Enhanced Annexin V-FITC kit.  They claim it is 3-fold more 
sensitive than regular annexin V-FITC.  Has anyone tried it?  Are their 
claims true?  Clontech also sells annexin V-Cy3.  Since I have never worked 
with Cy dyes, I am wondering if they are brighter than the more 
"traditional" fluorochromes.  Thanks in advance for your response!

Lisa Adams
Cancer Research
Pharmacia & Upjohn
Kalamazoo, MI  49007
e-mail  LAADAMS at am.pnu.com

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