Kolmogoroff-Smirnov: .. lies, damn lies and "sadistics"

R Barclay Robin_Barclay at compuserve.com
Sun Nov 23 18:49:01 EST 1997

Thanks Michael Ormerod . . . .
>>Jim Watson gives a description of K-S statistics together with some
tables in his book 'Flow Cytometric Data Analysis - basic concepts and
statistics' (Cambridge University Press, 1992).
In the first edition of my book ('Flow Cytometry - a practical approach',
IRL Press at OUP, Oxford, 1990), Andrew Vaughan gave a brief description
and a reference - M. Fisz (1963) In 'Probability Theory and Mathematical
Statistics', p.419, Wiley, NY.<<

Also thanks Murali Ramanathan . . . .
>>Try page 471-479 in J.H. Zar book "Biostatistical Analysis".<<

I will try to track down the references

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