Yeast DNA analysis, and sadistics thanks!

Steve G. Hilliard steve at
Fri Nov 21 17:25:20 EST 1997

First a "thank you" to all of you who set me straight regarding the
intimidating K-S test.  Several mentioned that B-D software provides 
this test--do any other packages offer it?  I'll have to check it
out, even though that student didn't seem interested in wading in that

Now, to David,
You certainly have my sympathies.  I had a user who was doing the same
sort of experiments a few years ago, and we never produced any data I
believed in.  We saw exactly the same sort of variation, but the client
never understood that this was a problem.  In fact they wanted me to
change the HV for each sample so that they lined up properly!  Sometimes
ya just wanna smack em....

Do you have a copy of Methods in Cell Biology v42, PartB ?  The chapter
on yeast by Dien, Peterson and Srienc has some very clear protocols,
and the data presented look much nicer than anything we got.  I never
got a clear idea of how my client prepared their samples, but if I'm ever
faced with yeast again I'll make them start with this chapter.  I'll be 
happy to send you a copy if you (or your library) doesn't have the book.

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University of Georgia Cell Analysis Facility

On Thu, 20 Nov 1997, David McFarland wrote:

> I have a client that is staining yeast with PI and then doing cell cycle
> analysis.  From what I understand, the wild type yeast normally spend most of


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