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Help!Help!Help!Help are dying baby in desease!

Studying result of  marrow cell chromosome (short period incubation
method,48hr.):30 metakinesis 
cells were examined by microscope,the number of chromosome was
2n=46.Abnomal clon and 
caryogram could be seen with G chromosome banding
analysis.46,xx,i(119),(long are of 
chromosome) enclosed picture of caryogram.
Shongjing:female,3 years and 5 months old.Camto hospital on Oct.14,1997.
was diagnosed as "acuk 
mononuclear leukemia u5a".
Main Suit:look pale for one month, have a fever for 6 days.History of the
disease:look pale for one 
month before coming to hospital but didn't pay attention to it.Then have a
fever for 6 days but no 
clear reason before coming to the hospital.Temperature was 39℃ with
abdominal pain and black 
defecate.Took some antiphologistic,but have no obvious effect.Blood picture
showed hemoglobin was 
low,and Marrow picture showed "marrow actively growth,pre-mononuclear cell
account of 96%".
Body examination:look pale,skin of body was pale, have no rash.Behind reght
ear,two sides of 
neck,both armpit and both groin have several 0.5×1cm3  lymph
glands.Smooth,pliable and 
mobile.lung(一).heart(一).Below Xiphoidprocess and liver,pliable,edge is tenderness.
Supplementary examination.blood picture Hbg/L.
Wbe 8.0×10E9/L, N 7%,L 63%,M 7%,pUt 76×10E9/L
head CT(一),electrocardiogram(一),six items of B hepatitis(一).
Treatment:Ara-c 100mg/m2-d intravenous drip.(the 1,2 days)
         Ara-c 75mg/m2-times Bid (the 3,4,5,6,7,8 days)
         DNR  40mg/m2-d   (the 3,4,5 days)
         Vm26 100mg/m2-times (the 6,7,8 days)

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