Mayumi Naramura MNARAMURA at atlas.niaid.nih.gov
Sun Nov 2 13:20:33 EST 1997

I'm trying to study apoptosis of
1. fresh mouse thymocytes induced by
2. TCR stimulation using
3. flow cytometry, either by 
	3a. Annexin V or by 
	3b. TUNEL. 
I know there are tremendous amount of literature related to this, but so
far I have not come across with ones that contain all the "keywords" I
listed above. Specifically, I found most of the study has been done
using "immature" T cell lines or hybridomas instead of "fresh mouse
I tried it a couple of times, but I cannot see any difference between
cells stimulated with anti-CD3 and non stimulated control because a
significant portion of cells are Annexin V (+) in the control. Any
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