conjugation vs. sandwich ClaudeC81 at
Sun Mar 30 22:22:08 EST 1997

There seem to be many responses to this query, I thought I'ld add some
support for biotinylation of the antibody. It's as easy as conjugating to
FITC, brighter (because it is a sandwich, and in many cases is brighter even
than an immunoglobulin sandwich ... I'ld like to hear if you disagree...),
and gets around the problem of "bad" IgG (not-so specific, esp. for B cells).
 But if you really want to go with a secondary immunoglobulin conjugate, go
with an Fab (no cross-linking) or Fab'2 conjugate (test it first).  Just
tossing this out in hopes it helps, but an ulterior motive is personal
edification, so I'm open to "clarifications".  Claude.

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