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At 12:14 AM 3/13/97 -0500, you wrote:
>I debated which system to use, and decided on the ZIP drive.  Each disk
>holds 100 Mb, and the drives themselves are inexpensive enough to be
>an attractive addition to any computer.  Jazz drives would also be good,
>but the larger size is worrysome, as is the size of the CD-R method.  We
>used to use a Worm optical (600 Mb per side) . . . imagine losing that
>much data on a corrupted disk -- it happens.  100 meg at a time seems
>more managable.

This is a good argument for the ZIPdrive. However, for long-term storage, I
have a problem with using magnetic media; your files can get wiped by stray

I think that a hierarchical storage system may be the better way to go; ZIP
(or EZ-Flyer for those people who prefer SyQuest hardware) for short-term,
CDR for long-term and WORM for those dead files.

- ivan

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