Software: WinMDI 2.5 build #10

Joseph Trotter trotter at
Fri Jun 20 17:13:50 EST 1997

Hello All,

	FYI - there is a new version 2.5 of WinMDI (Windows Multiple Document
Interface for Flow Cytometry) available from our server. There are two flavors:

	1) Windows 3.1

	2) Windows 95


This announcement is build #10 06/20/97 and has several patches and bug fixes. In
addition, the program will now save windows bitmaps (less Copy/Paste between
applications during analysis). Both flavors are the 16bit application - the winhelp32
is needed for the Windows 95 version. I believe the bugs are gone, but please
report anything bizarre in WinMDI's behavior to trotter at

	Many thanks to everyone that helped with suggestions & bug reports!



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