Position available in Boston

HANDLEY@sorter.dfci.harvard.edu HANDLEY at sorter.dfci.harvard.edu
Wed Jun 18 11:00:41 EST 1997

We are looking for an experienced flow cytometry technician to assist in
a busy multi-user core facility.  Minimum qualifications include a B.A.
or B.S. in Biology or related field, and 1-2 years flow cytometry experience.
Duties include operation and routine maintenance of cell sorters, FACScans,
scheduling, assisting with billing, and ordering supplies.

Position title is Research Technician; level and salary will be based on

If interested, please contact:

Maris Handley
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
J319, 44 Binney St.
Boston, MA  02115

phone: (617)632-3139
e-mail: handley at sorter.dfci.harvard.edu

P.S. Boston is beautiful this time of year!

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