Cellular Interactions / Ploidy level relationship

John E McLaughlin mclau005 at maroon.tc.umn.edu
Thu Jun 12 22:22:39 EST 1997

Dear Cytometry Group,

	I would like to know if any "flowers" out there are researching
the link between intercellular contact and ploidy level.  A review article
of polyteny research on murine trophoblast giant cells (Int. Rev. 
Cytology 1996.  Vol 165:  53-119) lists both in vivo and in vitro
observations in which different degrees of intercellular contact influence
cell ploidy level:  higher degree of intercellular contact- diploid 
level; lower degree of contact- nuclei of up to 256 C observed. 
	My interest in this area concerns the growth potential of maize
endosperm cells.  Perhaps the extent of endoreduplication that occurs
within this tissue is also related to cellular contacts, ie. cells "fill
in" the available space as the kernel develops.  The maternal and 
environmental conditions possibly having a major influence on cell 
density/endosperm size potential/starch-protein accumulation that would 
influence the dynamics of cellular contacts as the endosperm grows.
	If possible I would like to try and somehow correlate histological
sections with flow data on a developmental basis.  If you are performing
any research that would be relevant to this issue or have suggestions,
please let me know. 

	Thank you,

	John McLaughlin (RA)
	University of Minnesota
	Agronomy and Plant Genetics

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