Jurkat marker

Calman Prussin CPRUSSIN at atlas.niaid.nih.gov
Thu Jun 5 09:26:53 EST 1997

Do you need to use a surface marker? How about using one of the 
membrane stable PKH dyes sold by Sigma? These are incredibly bright, 
don't "bleed" from one cell to the next and are functionally inert. 
You would just incubate your Jurkats in the dye prior to your adhesion 


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Subject: 	Jurkat marker

Hi flowers.

Yesterday I sent a request for a good surface-marker to stain Jurkat 
Rob McGilp wrote that CD95 is well expressed on these cells. Thank you 
your reply. It is true that Jurkat express CD95, but since Fas/Fas-L 
part of the study (adhetion of apoptotic cells), I have to use 
marker to follow the Jurkats. I intend to use cell tracing. But I need 
surface-marker to separate those adhered to targets from those that 
been phagocytosed.

I'm still on my tip-toes with hopes for a good surface-marker.

Kjartan Egeberg
Inst. of Canser Research and Mol. Biol.
NTNU, Trondheim, Norway
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