CD10 expression in follicular lymphoma

Arber, Daniel darber at smtplink.Coh.ORG
Mon Jan 6 11:37:20 EST 1997

     You describe a non-specific monotypic B cell immunophenotype which 
     could be present in a number of different lymphoproliferative 
     disorders.  While some follicular lymphomas are CD10 negative, 
     marginal zone lymphomas may also have this phenotype.  The actual 
     pattern of the lymphoid infiltrate would be more helpful in suggesting 
     follicular lymphoma.
     Dan Arber
     City of Hope
     Duarte, CA

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Subject: CD10 expression in follicular lymphoma
Author:  Brent Dorsett <brentd at> at INTERNET
Date:    1/3/97 7:58 PM

Happy year year to one and all.
I have a bone marrow biopsy on a 63 yr old male with severe peripheral 
pancytopenea. Biopsy is atypical lymphoid infiltrate consistent with NHL 
small cleaved cell. Light scatter shows a single population of small 
lymphocytes. The phenotype is CD5-, CD19+, CD22+, CD10-, CD20+, CD25-, CD23-, 
CD103-, CD11c-, kappa bright positive, lambda negative. Seems to fit best 
with follicular lymphoma except for the CD10 negativity. I wonder what others 
of you may think about this phenotype?
Brent Dorsett
Director, Special Pathology Laboratories, Lenox Hill Hospital, NYC

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