Job Posting: Cell sorter operator

Schmid, Ingrid SCHMID at
Fri Feb 28 18:48:00 EST 1997

Job Posting: Cell sorter operator
The UCLA Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center and Center for AIDS Research   
Flow Cytometry Core Facility has a full-time position open for a   
motivated flow cytometrist to join the staff to provide state-of-the-art   
flow cytometry in a dynamic clinical and basic research environment.  The   
facility is equipped with 2 FACScan and 2 FACStarPlus dual-laser flow   
Key responsibilities:
1)  Operation of cell analysis and cell sorting instruments with emphasis   
on sterile cell sorting and sorting of biohazardous samples.
2)  Carry out routine maintenance and basic repairs on instrument.   
 Perform biosafety procedures, i.e., testing for aerosol containment on   
the instrument.
3)  Communicate effectively with the users of the facility and assist   
with experimental design and data interpretation.
4)  Maintain accurate usage and cell sorting logs.
Minimum BS level in biologic or engineering science or equivalent.  Flow   
cytometry experience necessary. Cell sorting experience desirable.   
Mechanical ability essential.

Please FAX resume to:
Ingrid Schmid
(310) 794-2145

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