Elite-software and new video cards

Joern Schmitz jschmitz at bidmc.harvard.edu
Fri Feb 28 13:44:19 EST 1997

This is an information for Elite-users.

Recently, I got a new video card (Matrox Millennium MGA-MIL/4N). Every
program worked, except the Elite software (All pull up menues were

I guess other users had the same problem. C. Kevin Becker (11/19/1996)
talked about this issue on the web.

So this is the solution:

You have to find the TSR program:

On the CD-ROM with my video card there is 

a dir.: CAD\SETUP 

containing the file: files1.zip.

You have to expand the file and then you will find

the file: fnt8x14.com.

If you run this file before you run the Elite software there will be no
more problems (e.g.: put it in the autoexec.bat).

I know that people buy now nice Pentiums, but use their old 'stone
age' video cards because of this problem. I hope my information will help 

Joern Schmitz, M.D.


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