Clinical Symposium-Rockville

Helene Paxton 76415.541 at CompuServe.COM
Wed Feb 26 17:19:57 EST 1997

Hear ye, Hear ye:

	There's a rumor that the 4th Annual Clinical Flow Cytometry Meeting in
Rockville has been cancelled.
This is not the case........  Again, Let me repeat,  The Flow Cytometry
Symposium meeting   is definitely being held March 13th - 15th as scheduled.
Please plan to be there.  
	We are accepting registrations by FAX until March 13th.  Your FAX is your
committment that you will be there.  We accept Visa and Master Card for
	If you need information for this important and relevant meeting, please
call us at 410-737-8500 and ask for the information.  Fax number 410-536-1212,
or 536-1112.  
	The Thursday evening session is open to the general scientific public and
we encourage you to bring a friend!
	The Quantitative Symposium is also being held on Thursday the 13th as
planned.  If you have any questions please call or E-mail.  Thank you!  HP
PERTINENT INFORMATION:  Meeting Dates:  March 13th - 15th (Starts at 7:30 pm on
the 13th)
			Doubletree Hotel, 1750 Rockville Pike, Rockville MD
			Hotel Reservations:301-468-1100

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