Exportation of CellQuest Data

Matthias Haury mhaury at pasteur.fr
Thu Feb 27 04:33:42 EST 1997


I think you can use Filemaker Pro as a database on the Mac, works pretty
well, once you know how to use it. Export from Cellquest is possible, you
only have to device a way to load it into FileMaker Pro. I know that some
other people have done this, although I personally never tried, and I don't
know whether their programs are publicly available.

Applescript will let you automate the import into Filemaker Pro, although
Cellquest itself is not (yet) scriptable. Wait for the Cellquest 3.1 for
more automatic export features (should be out very soon).

Hope that get's you on the track...

Cheers, Matthias

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At 18:59 -0500 24/02/97,
LTC_Nancy_Dow_at_WRAMC4__WASHDC at wramc1-amedd.army.mil wrote:
>Can anyone offer any advice about setting up a program to export the
>quadrant statistics of T cell subset analysis from BD's CellQuest program
>to a spreadsheet program that will perform the calculations needed to
>produce a finalized report?  Is Microsoft Excel software a good way to go?
>Is a second software package necessary if the subset reports are to be
>saved in a database that can be searched by accession number, patient name,
>etc?  If so, what would be a good product to use?  Apparently Microsoft
>Access is not available for Mac at this time.
>Nancy Dow
>Department of Pathology
>Walter Reed Army Medical Center
>Washington D.C.

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