Platelet activation

Martha Moreno Lafont mlafont at
Wed Feb 26 19:32:45 EST 1997

I´d been interested in mailing  with anyone who works on platelet activation
and flow citometryc assays on platelets rich plasma.
I have troubles with my protocols for platelet activation. So far, I am not
able to stop it. We activated with thrombine for 1 minute, and then we look
for activation markers on the surface of the platelets , but we always find
a fibrin clot, although EDTA is added to stop the activation step.
Is anybody experienced with platelet activation? Does anybody know any other
way to activate platelets without clotting? Thanks in advance.

Dr. Martha Moreno.
Dept. of Immunology.
E.N.C.B., I.P.N.
Fax (525) 396-3503

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