Refrigeration of Peripheral Blood Brugreig at
Wed Feb 26 17:01:46 EST 1997

Concerning the refrigeration of peripheral blood samples for routine testing
of T/B subsets, traditionally this was thought to induce changes in certain
antigen levels.  Published guidelines (i.e. "CDC MMWR) for Immunophenotyping
of patient samples suggest using only samples kept at room temperature.
 Question (1)  Is this true and are there any recent literature references?
(2) Is the process reversible after the sample returns to room temperature?
 It wouldn't be difficult to test this but published references would be most
helpful.   (3)  What is the current thinking about refrigeration (4-10 C) of
other samples such as bone marrow, tissues, etc?  Thanks for whatever
references can be provided.

Bruce Greig
Immunopathology Laboratory
Vanderbilt University Medical Center
Nashville,  TN.  37232
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