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Michelle N Fiordalisi mnfiord at med.unc.edu
Wed Feb 26 13:59:59 EST 1997

I am a Clinical Immunologist who is seeking employment as a Research 
Scientist or senior Post-doctoral Fellow in the field of flow cytometry 
or clinical immunology.  I am particularly interested in positions which 
offer the opportunity to investigate or utilize new clinical applications 
of flow cytometry.  I have a Ph.D. in molecular immunology from 
Washington University in St. Louis and am currently completing an 
American Society of Microbiology-certified fellowship in clinical 
immunology at the University of North Carolina Hospitals.

I have one and a half years of experience in flow cytometry and my 
training has included immunodeficiency and leukemia/lymphoma phenotyping, 
DNA ploidy, and oxidative burst analysis by flow cytometry.  I have 
designed and performed research projects to evaluate elutriated stem cell 
products, to immunophenotype frozen peripheral blood mononuclear cell 
samples, and to establish a four-color protocol for the measurement of 
intracellular cytokines.  I have experience with FAScan and FACSCalibur 
intruments and CellQuest and Attractors software programs.  I also have 
training in infectious disease and autoimmune serology which includes 
agglutination assays, ELISA testing, Western blotting, and IMX-based 

I have strong organizational skills and experience in training personnel 
and making professional presentations.  I am most interested in employment 
opportunities in central North Carolina and will be available as of July, 
1997.  To request a CV and a list of references, please contact me by 
phone at (919) 968-4058 or by e-mail at mnfiord at med.unc.edu.

Michelle Nett Fiordalisi, Ph.D.

Michelle N. Fiordalisi, Ph.D.
Clinical Immunology Fellow
University of North Carolina Hospitals
email: mnfiord at med.unc.edu
Phone: 919-966-4058  FAX: 919-966-0486

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