Fluorescence calibration

Pierre_Aeby.COSMITAL_SA.WELLA_AG@NOTES.compuserve.com Pierre_Aeby.COSMITAL_SA.WELLA_AG at NOTES.compuserve.com
Wed Feb 26 04:49:52 EST 1997


  we are using "DNA-check" beads from Coulter (Part Number 6603488). They
  work fine for alignment checks and can also be used as internal
  calibrator for cell counting.

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  On Wed, 26 Feb 1997, Haze Davey wrote:

  Does anyone have recommendations for fluorescent beads for calibrating
  the fluorescence axis? I have a DAKO leaflet advertising their beads
  'with assigned molecules of equivalent fluorochrome'. Any opinions on
  these or others?

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