Sponge sorting

bpijb@picr.cr.man.ac.uk bpijb at picr.cr.man.ac.uk
Wed Feb 26 04:14:06 EST 1997

Hello fellow flow cytometrists,

I have been asked to see if anyone out there has had experience sorting
the symbionts of sponges or more specifically ...

"The sponge under investigation is a theonella that produces motuporin,
a compound that is being pursued in the NCI's preclinical screens. However the
origin of the compound is uncertain, we don't know if it is produced by the
sponge, or by one of the two symbionts (cyanobacteria or filamentous bacteria).
The idea is to separate the three types of cells and ascertain the source of 
the compound." 

Has anyone done anything similar?

Can anyone help with tips on sorting?

Thanking you for your time and trouble ....

Jeff Barry
Flow Cytometry
Paterson Institute

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