Ar laser failure - summary

Karel Drbal drbal at
Wed Feb 26 10:40:17 EST 1997

A week ago I have asked about solving my troubles with the laser in FACSort.
Since BD technician recommended the laser replacement (in spite of the laser
current still was not so high-around 7 Amps) I asked you about your opinion.

Many of you suggested insufficient laser (cytometer) cooling:
(thermally unstable Status card; a component in the power supply is overheating
and cutting out; if a component is failing due to heat, it is likely to be some
small electronic bit rather than the laser tube).

There are no obstructions to the vent in the back of the instrument and fans
are working properly. I decided to clean the whole instrument from dust using
compressed air. The laser inside and the filter on its side was full of dust!!!
After that cleaning procedure and 1 week running the cytometer I have not
observed the failure again. Thank you,

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