Clean Machines, Ad infunum.

Barren, Phil BarrenP at
Tue Feb 25 11:34:32 EST 1997

In response to all the comments on sterilizing a Flow Cytometer.

Let me throw my two cents in.

I don't sterilize the instrument!!!!!!!!!!!!
(That is with any harsh chemicals ecetera.)

I have a BDIS FacStar Plus. It comes with a filter housing on the sheath
The manufacturer recommends first using a pre filter and then a 0.45
micron  filter.

I have installed a 0.22 micron filter piggy backed on the 0.45 micron

The sheath  first passes through the pre filter then through the 0.45
micron and lastly through the 0.22 micron filter.

Thus the sheath filter is now filter sterilized to 0.22 microns.

To test for sterility I turn on the Sheath only and after about five
minutes I hold a Blood agar plate to collect the
sheath stream (@ 5 mls) and place the blood plate in aerobic and/or
anaerobic conditions and haven't seen any growth yet.

When I sort I do sterilize the sample input line with bleach followed by
sterile 0.22 micron filtered sterile dH2O.


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