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Greetings all.

        I would question the efficacy of using 70% ETOH alone as a
sterilization agent specifically in flow as well as generally in the
laboratory. Although ETOH has some bactericidal activity against common
water-borne contaminants such as the pseudomonads and the like I would
imagine that most airborne contaminants that float into the sheath tank
would be of the Gram-positive persuasion and as such quite resistant to the
effect of ETOH.
	As for swabbing down  external surfaces with 70% ETOH, I would regard this
as an excellent  strategy for mobilizing bacterial aerosol.

On the few occasions when I have had to carry out sterile sorting, my
strategy is as follows:

	Clean sort nozzle/flow cell /sheath tank with a proprietary detergent and
rinse in sterile H2O.
	Wash the sort collection area down with a proprietary detergent
	Bypass the in-line sheath filter, Then flush system with following:
	2)Surface active agent e.g. 0.1% DECON 90
	3)Sterile H20
	4)Sterile sheath fluid
	5)Fit new sterile in-line sheath filter.

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