BD fastimmune system

Michelle N Fiordalisi mnfiord at
Fri Feb 21 08:44:21 EST 1997

I have been working with BDs FastImmune anti-IFNg and anti-IL-4 
antibodies for about 2 months (but only with normal controls) and have 
been very pleased with the results. I have been following BD's protocol 
and have had success with each experiment.  I have used both the 
IFNg/IL-4 combo with the isotype combo and individual reagents with 
success.  Although BD sells a special formulation of IgG1 PE, I have been 
titering their standard formulation and think it will work nearly as well 
as a control for IL-4 PE.  

I have not tried using saponin for permeablization but will be comparing 
BD's FACSPerm to Caltag's Fix N' Perm.

If you would like more details, please email me directly.

-- Michelle
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On Thu, 20 Feb 1997, Vishal Gulati wrote:

> Hi! Has anyone on the list used BD Fastimmune Intracellular cytokine 
> staining reagents. I have been using 'conventional' indirectly lablled 
> cytokine antibodies and am planning to switch over.
> Also, has someone compared saponin with  BD/any other commercial 
> permeablising reagent . 
> Id be grateful if those of you out here in the know of things share their 
> experiences.
> Thanks in advance
> Bye
> Vishal

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