Wanted: extra BD sheath tank

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Fri Feb 21 06:07:09 EST 1997

          I haven't been so lucky with the luer valves. They tended to 
          leak. For sorting bacteria I have actually put two 0.22um 
          disposable filtercartrige (Millipore Millex-GV) parallel 
          into the sheath line close to the flow cell which is 
          replaced on the day. Only the line behind those filters is 
          rinsed with 50ml bleach solution followed by 50ml 75% 
          isopropanol. This is sucked in by running the flow cell on 
          vacuum on the Coulter Elite.
          As mentioned recently, just make sure the high voltage is 
          switched off unless you have exceptional insurance cover.
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Subject: Re: Wanted: extra BD sheath tank
Author:  J.Webster at centenary.usyd.edu.au at INTERNET
Date:    18/02/97 02:13

At 04:06 PM 14/02/97 -0400, Barry Grimes wrote:
>Hello all,
>I'm planning on doing sterile sorting and will be using ETOH to purge my
>FACSVantage. To avoid repeated filling and rinsing steps using only one
>tank, I would like to use an extra sheath tank for the alcohol rinse - but
>would rather not spend the $1200 for a spare 10 L tank. Is there anyone out
>there that might have a spare FACStar / Plus 2 L sheath tank they'd be
>willing to sell? Does anyone know if this will in fact work?

Yes it will certainly work, I've been doing it for years.
I use the waste tank for ETOH, and still use a transparent container
for waste.
(easy to see if it is about to overflow into the house vacuum line...)

Both tanks are online and pressurised, and I use a 3-way lauer-fit
valve to select 70% ETOH or saline.

Be very careful not to run the ETOH into the sheath tank, as the saline
will precipitate!

I also add an extra 1" 0.22u syringe filter into the line immediately
after running ETOH, which has several effects:
-     Extra filtering of the saline, just in case.
-     The small filter-full of air stops the saline & ETOH from mixing
     in the line, so salt precipitation is not a problem.
-     One minus, it changes the pressure balance so that the sample
     differential must be reduced by about half with extra filter in.

I got this idea from Frank Battye of WEHI, with much appreciation!
Frank - you may have some comments; are you still using clear filter
holders as fluid reservoirs?

     Cheers, Joseph.

Joseph Webster
Flow Cytometry Facility
Centenary Institute

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