QIFI-KIT calibration standards

KUKURUGA@medmail.med.umich.edu KUKURUGA at medmail.med.umich.edu
Thu Feb 20 16:05:04 EST 1997

In Cytometry (Comm in Clin. Cyt.) 26:137-147, 1996, Bikoue et.al. describe
particles coated with mouse Ig, used to quantify expression in an 
indirect assay.  They claim these standards are commercially available.
Originally, the standards were obtained from Biocytex (Marseille, France)
as a QIFI-KIT.
I've looked for Biocytex without success.  Anyone out there know of
1) the company, 2) a source for comparable standards, 3) an alternative
to determining the antigen density in an indirect assay?


Mark A. KuKuruga
University of Michigan Flow Cytometry
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