Jacek M. Witkowski jawit at
Wed Feb 19 15:48:22 EST 1997

Hi everybody,

I am looking for a cable connecting an internal Epinet card to the back of
a Coulter Epics CS sorter. The thing called an 'Epinet cable 'C' internal'
has a part number 6027867. This is important, because I have another one
which simply does not fit the connector on the card! I asked Coulter
people and they can sell it to me for $532! As the cytometer itself was a
free gift from a French lab to a Polish lab, I am not willing to spend
half thousand bucks for two plugs and a yard of cable!  So, my question is
whether somebody has an old dinosaur CS in the basement and could pull the
thing out of it (and sell it to me MUCH cheaper or...) ? My gratitude
would last forever!

Best regards to all,


PS. I am currently not on the list, so please answer directly to me.

Jacek M. Witkowski MD, PhD
University of Michigan Geriatrics Center
Medical Sciences Research Building III # 6240
1150 W. Medical Center Drive
Ann Arbor, MI 48109 - 0642
phone (313) 936 2818
fax   (313) 936 9220
e-mail: jawit at

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