NIH Image for PC?

Deborah Berglund umbbd at
Wed Feb 19 14:47:32 EST 1997

Hi Ray,
We just tried to download NIH-Image from their web site and found that it 
will run in a Windows 95-Nt environment, not Dos, not Windows 95.  Email 
me if you want their web address.

Deb Berglund
Montana State University
Bozeman, MT, where there is more snow this winter and better skiing than 
in the past 20 years!  Zowee!

On Fri, 14 Feb 1997, Raymond B. Hester wrote:

> We use an ACAS 570 to collect confocal images and would like to try 
> manipulating these images in ways not available with the instrument 
> software (which runs on a PC).  I have heard that NIH Image is a good 
> program for confocal image analysis but that it only runs on a Mac. It 
> seems I have also heard that conversion software is available (for about 
> $80) that makes possible running NIH Image on a PC.  Does anyone have any 
> information on such conversion software or is it just wishful thinking on 
> someone's part?
> Thanks.
> ray
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