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Steven Le Moenic slemoeni at
Wed Feb 19 12:39:23 EST 1997

We've used both 'Steradent' and Coulter 'Clenz' to clean out the flow 
cell on our Elite which routinely has environmetal water samples put 
through it. The 'Steradent' worked a little too well and wiped off 
the mirror on the 90 deg lens... We just use Clenz now.


Steven Le Moenic
Australian Water Technologies
Sydney Aust.

> >I have been told that denture cleansing tablets are the answer to the
> >ultimate clog/dirty cell.  I have not tried them, but can imagine that
> >companies have spent millions on making the perfect combination to clean
> >false teeth.  Has anyone tried?
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> I have used denture cleaning tablets dissolved  in DI to clean the ceramic
> nozzle tip on a Vantage and I doubt if it will do any harm to use it on the
> flow cells of Scans etc.   I am surprised that no one has suggested  what I
> have used on dirty cells and general maintenance for years, and that is
> Coulter Clenz  from Coulter.   It bears a strong resemblance to window
> cleaner but I suspect there are a few extra ingredients.
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